WJXT-TV4 wins in July ratings

Jacksonville viewers make News4JAX dominant No. 1 in major news blocks


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – WJXT-TV4 The Local Station is again the most watched news in Jacksonville for the July 2016 Nielsen ratings period in the Jacksonville television market, winning in local and national news time periods for the month in key demographics. 

Outside of news, WJXT was No. 1 with men in the​ 10-11 a.m. time period with Dr. Oz.  At 9:30 p.m., WJXT also beat out the NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX Monday-Friday primetime averages with Big Bang Theory for adults and men age 25-54 and 18-49.

In morning news, News4JAX dominates the 5-6 am hour, earning a 14 share 5-5:30 am for M25-54.  News4JAX at 6 am is No. 1 in all key demos. In W25-54 at 6 am News4JAX earned a 3.1 rating and a 17 share (compared to WTLV/WJXX 2.4 RTG/13 SHR, WFOX 1.9 RTG/11 SHR and WJAX 0.5 RTG/3 SHR).  The Morning Show (7-9 am), anchored by Jennifer Waugh, Bruce Hamilton and Richard Nunn, is No. 1 in the time period across all key demos, with a 2.2 A25-54 rating and a 12 share beating out all other newscasts including the national broadcasts of NBC’s Today Show on WTLV (0.9 RTG/5 SHR), CBS This Morning on WJAX (0.6 RTG/3 SHR) and ABC’s Good Morning America on WJXX (0.8 RTG/5 SHR.)

In evening news, News4JAX wins every key demo at 5 pm, 5:30 pm and 6pm.  WJXT also took the win at 6:30pm for Women 18-49 versus the national news.  At 5pm News4JAX won with a 2.2 for Adults 25-54 and an 8 share (compared to WTLV/WJXX 1.2 RTG/5 SHR and WJAX 1.4 RTG/5 SHR).  News4JAX at 5:30 pm is #1 in the time period with a 2.6 A25-54 rating and a 10 share (compared to WTLV/WJXX 1.5 RTG/5 SHR and WJAX 1.5 RTG/6 SHR.)

News4JAX at 6 pm anchored by Mary Baer, Tom Wills, John Gaughan and Sam Kouvaris finished  No.1 with a 3.2 W25-54 rating and a 10 share (compared to WTLV/WJXX 2.3 RTG/7 SHR and WJAX 2.1 RTG/7 SHR). News4Jax at 6:30 pm stood up to local and national news with a 2.1 W25-54 rating and a 7 share (compared to WTLV 2.1 RTG/7 SHR and WJAX 1.5 RTG/5 SHR and WJXX 0.6 RTG/2 SHR.)

The story continues in late news, with dominant wins in The Ten O’Clock News in people, women and men 25-54 and people and men 18-49.  At 10 pm WJXT is No. 1 with a 2.4 A25-54 rating and 6 share (compared to WFOX 1.7 RTG/4 SHR.)