New FCC rule allows for next generation wireless technology

Ruling allows for 5G technologies and services upgrade

WASHINGTON – The Federal Communications Commission approved rules for the deployment of 5G technologies and services Thursday.

The ruling will allow for the development of next generation cellphones and wireless technology, the FCC said.

Agency leaders adopted the new rule for wireless broadband, which they say makes the U.S. the first country in the world to pave the way for faster cellphone and Internet service. It's an upgrade from 4G and LTE -- currently available with most carriers.

“The commission has created a runway for U.S. companies to launch the technologies that will harness 5G’s fiber-fast capabilities,” the agency said.

Opponents said it’s too much technology too fast and they’re worried about health effects.

Cyber expert Chris Hamer said there are a lot of potential perks, but “the downside is the cell tower coverage is going to be considerably less so they are going to have to create more infrastructure to expand the coverage”

That means more cellphone towers or transmitters, which is concerning for the California Brain Tumor Association.

“To expand wireless at this point, without adequate safety standards, is absolutely irresponsible” Kevin Mottus of the California Brain Tumor Association said.

News4Jax met Kevin Mottus on Capitol Hill as he fought the 5g changes. Mottus shared hundreds of pages of research connecting wireless radiation and cancer. Mottus called the FCC’s vote a “travesty.”

“The plan with 5G is to replace all landlines, which is a safe alternative to wireless radiation, and force everyone over to wireless, and therefore force them to be more exposed longer to harmful carcinogenic radio frequency radiation from wireless devices and infrastructure,” Mottus said.

The effects of cellphones and wireless technology are still a topic of discussion as people debate if they are indeed harmful.

There’s still a long road ahead before 5G technology is available. The FCC gave no word on when it’ll roll out.

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