Stats: Florida is 4th most dangerous state for motorcyclists

590 motorcyclists died across Florida from crashes in 2017

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows Florida is one of the most dangerous states to ride a motorcycle in America.

Statistics show in 2017, 590 motorcyclists died across Florida. That's 75 more than in 2016.

Of the 515 deaths reported in 2016, 30 were passengers.

As a result of the most recent data, Florida ranks as the fourth most dangerous state for motorcyclists. Marcy Moyer, a motorcyclist who works at Jaguar Power Sports on the Westside, said she's not surprised by the numbers.

"A lot of people veering in and out of their lanes, and if you look at them, you see they are on the telephone," Moyer said. "They're not seeing me until it's too late."

In terms of crashes for Duval County alone, data from 2015 shows 528 motorcycles were involved in crashes. Of those crashes, 22 people died and 423 were injured.

In 2016, those numbers trended upward. Data shows 538 motorcyclists were involved in crashes in Duval County. Of those crashes, 24 people died and 430 were injured.

Motorcyclist Shaun Jackrel said he was cut off on the road but was wearing his helmet.

"They pulled out in front of me. They ran a red light at the intersection. There was a head-on collision, and I went over the car," Jackrel said. "I actually landed on my head. The helmet cracked in half, and luckily I was in front of a hospital when it happened."

Moyer encourages all motorcyclists to wear a helmet, reminding riders that once the helmet hits the ground, it must be replaced.

"At that point, it's been compromised," Moyer said. "It's only good for one fall."

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