You can stay in Bella Swan's house from 'Twilight' movies thanks to Airbnb

Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?


It may seem like eons ago when the "Twilight" movies were all the rage, but if you're a diehard fan of the series, we have some exciting news for you. 

The house Bella Swan lived in before Edward Cullen turned her into his vampire bride in the movies is now available to rent on Airbnb for just $330 a night. 

While the story takes place in Forks, Washington, the crew used a house in Saint Helens, Oregon to film some of the most iconic scenes from the first "Twilight" movie. 

The house has five bedrooms and can sleep 10 people comfortably, so if you've got a group of friends who all love "Twilight," it's even better. 

The outside of the house looks completely unchanged from when it was used on the silver screen, and the new owners have done a fantastic job of keeping a "Twilight" theme running throughout the house, including two cardboard cutouts of Bella Swan and Jacob Black to keep you company. 

You can even rehash the age-old debate of Team Jacob or Team Edward by deciding if you're going to stay in the Team Edward room or Team Jacob room. Considering the room has a Jacob cardboard cutout, it's safe to assume the owners of the house are Team Jacob. 

The reviews of the rental are absolutely stellar, with many "Twilight" fans praising just how fun it was to stay the night at the Swan house. It could have only been better had some ancient vampires showed up.

You can see the full Airbnb listing (including some photos of the house) by clicking here


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