Duval County Amendment 1: JEA board appointments

Two amendments to the city of Jacksonville charter by referendum appear on the 2020 general election ballot, one that addresses board members on the JEA. The second is a tax question to fund improvements to Duval County schools:

Question 1) Amending Jacksonville Charter, granting city council authority to appoint and remove four JEA board members

Ballot language: “Shall the Jacksonville charter be amended ... to (1) grant to City Council the executive power to appoint and remove four members of the JEA Board and (2) amend the qualifications of board members?"

The ballot asks voters to answer yes or no.

Currently, under the charter, the mayor appoints all seven board members and the council merely confirms. The amendment would also provide residency requirements and some other qualifying rules.

Read the bill: Ordinance 2020-100-E