Referendum: Property tax for schools

Nonpartisan referendum on ballot of all Jacksonville voters

The Duval County School Board is asking voters to approve a 1 mill property tax increase, with the revenue dedicated to funding increased teacher pay and improving arts and athletic programs.

The school district anticipates the tax -- which would cost homeowners an extra $100 per year for each $100,000 of accessed value of their house -- would raise at least $81 million annually. The tax increase would automatically terminate after four years unless renewed by another vote by the citizens of Duval County.

The district said that 65% of the revenue would be used to supplement teacher pay, 12.5% would be used for arts and athletic programs at public schools, 12.5% would go to charter schools, and 10% would go to pay increases for district staff.

If a tax increase for schools sounds familiar, the half-cent sales tax that Duval County voters approved in 2020 can only be used for facility maintenance, safety upgrades, repairs and renovation. The new, proposed property tax would only fund salaries and ongoing expenses. Most of the total budget of all Florida public schools is funded by property taxes.

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Duval County School District Ad Valorem Millage Election

“Shall the Duval County School District levy an ad valorem operating millage of 1 mill annually to attract and retain high-quality teachers and staff through additional compensation, enhance art, music and athletic programs, and provide proportionate funding for charter schools, in order to continue and sustain improvements in the quality of Duval County’s school system.”