Florida Chief Financial Officer

Republican Florida CFO Jimmy Petronis drew one opponent, Democrat Adam Hattersley. With only one candidate from each party, this race will be decided in November’s general election.

News4Jax sent a questionnaire to each candidate asking about their background and their views on several issues. Scroll down to read the responses of those seeking your vote in their own words.

Note: Responses are sorted alphabetically by party and are presented exactly as submitted, with no editing by News4Jax staff.

Adam Hattersley

Adam Hattersley

Occupation: Writer/Engineer

Age: 44

Your family: Wife (Christie), two dogs (Patton and Ike)

Education: BSE, MSE Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan

Political experience: State Representative HD-59 2018-2020, Candidate US Congress CD-15 in 2020

We asked our most-loyal viewers (News4Jax Insiders) what three issues they would most like candidates to address:

Viewers’ No. 1 issue: The economy

  • The CFO’s office is also the head of the Office of Insurance Regulation - thus, working to get Florida out of our current Property Insurance crisis is vital to keeping a strong economy. Not only will fixing this issue reduce Floridians’ property insurance bills (giving them more money to spend or save), but by increasing access to quality, lower cost insurance we can encourage more people to buy homes (high and unavailable property insurance is currently the #1 barrier to new homeownership in the state). By giving people the chance to build wealth, we can keep the economy strong and stable.

Viewers’ No. 2 issue: Voter rights/election integrity

  • Working to expand early voting locations and availability, vote by mail, and same-day voter registration (similar to Colorado and Washington State) are all important. Like in many aspects of law, we must look at what other states have done to be successful, and then incorporate those best practices into our own (CO and WA have some of the safest and highest turnout elections in the country). We must ensure ALL Floridians have easy access to vote, while at the same time keeping our elections secure.

Viewers’ No. 3 issue: Gun rights/gun safety

  • Universal background checks - which the vast majority of Floridians support - can be the most effective and immediate way to increase gun safety, by simply keeping guns out of the hands of those that have violent criminal histories. As the only combat veteran running statewide in Florida, I have a much greater understanding of these issues than any of the other candidates.

News4Jax asked each candidate three additional questions to help voters determine which most agrees with their views:

What do you see as the top three issues facing the state and nation over the next two years?

  1. the Economy
  2. personal freedom and privacy
  3. voting rights

Do you believe Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president of the United States?

  • Yes

In light of the Supreme Court ruling striking down Roe v. Wade, would you propose or support additional laws either banning abortion entirely or guaranteeing reproductive rights?

  • There is no greater individual liberty than being in control of one’s own healthcare. While in the state legislature, I fought (and voted) against unconstitutional reproductive health restrictions, and will continue to do so in any office I am elected to. Working with state elected officials and liaising with our Federal elected officials to codify privacy and reproductive health protections is vital to maintaining individual freedoms.

How can you help voters in a way that others running for this office cannot?

  • Florida is in a property insurance crisis - we’ve all seen our premiums (and rents) skyrocket due to our weak insurance regulations and regulators. This has cost every Floridian money. The state has failed to address this situation for over five years, and I am ready to make this a focus of my office starting the day I am sworn in.

What would you hope to be remembered for accomplishing after serving in this office?

  • Fixing property insurance in Florida, and helping to lower housing costs for every one of our citizens.

Campaign website: adamforflorida.com

Campaign’s social media site(s): Facebook - hattersleyforfl | Twitter - @hattersleyforfl | Instagram - @hattersleyforfl

Jimmy Patronis

Jimmy Patronis

This candidate, running for his second term in this office, has not responded to email and telephone invitations to submit the News4Jax candidate questionnaire. His answers will be added promptly if the questionnaire is returned at any point prior to election day.

Campaign website: joinjimmy.com