Florida House District 14

Districts after 2022 redistricting

Democrat Kimberly Daniels won the most votes in a four-way August primary in the redrawn Florida House District 14, which covers from Brooklyn and downtown north to include a sliver of Northwest Jacksonville and much of the Northside east of Lem Turner Road and south of Interstate 295 as well as Arlington and part of the Southside north of the Hart Expressway to Beach Boulevard and west of Southside Boulevard.

No Republican signed up to run for this seat but one write-in candidate did, which kept the primary limited to only Democratic voters. Following the primary, the write-in candidate withdrew from the race, electing Daniels to the seat.

News4Jax sent a questionnaire to each candidate on the ballot asking about their background and their views on several issues. Scroll down to read Daniels’ responses -- in her own words.

Kimberly Daniels

Kimberly Daniels

Occupation: Author, Pastor, International Speaker

Age: 61

Your family: Married with 4 children and 1 grandchild

Education: B.S., Criminology - Florida State University, Master’s of Christian Education - Jacksonville Theological Seminary and Doctorate in Christian Counseling, Jacksonville Theological Seminary

Political experience: State Representative, District 14 (2016-2020) Jacksonville City Council Member, At-Large Group 1 (2011-2015)

We asked our most-loyal viewers (News4Jax Insiders) what three issues they would most like candidates to address:

Viewers’ No. 1 issue: The economy

  • The Florida Chamber of Commerce rated me as the top Democrat in the Florida Legislature for business and job growth which shows I’m the most prepared candidate to ensure our communities are represented in the state’s budget. Everywhere I go in our community, the people want resources that will help them make ends meet. I have a solid record of funding workforce education programs that allow Floridians to develop the skills they need to thrive in the workforce and raise strong families.

Viewers’ No. 2 issue: Voter rights/election integrity

  • As a first-term city council member, I secured funding to expand access to early voting. We all have a right to vote, and that right should be respected.

Viewers’ No. 3 issue: Gun rights/gun safety

  • Law-abiding citizens should have the right to bear arms. However, assault rifles in our streets are unneeded. Bottom line, guns are bad when they’re in the hands of people who do bad things.

News4Jax asked each candidate three additional questions to help voters determine which most agrees with their views:

What do you see as the top three issues facing the state and nation over the next two years?

  1. Economy/Inflation (Groceries and Gas Prices are soaring)
  2. Rental Price Gouging/Predatory Landlords
  3. Healthcare and Public Health and Safety

Do you believe Joe Biden is the legitimately elected president of the United States?

  • Yes.

In light of the Supreme Court ruling striking down Roe v. Wade, would you propose or support additional laws either banning abortion entirely or guaranteeing reproductive rights?

  • I am a woman and I’ve made serious decisions regarding my own body. I had an abortion at 15 years old. We cannot outright ban all abortions. We know that some are medically necessary and those difficult decisions should not be left up to the government or politicians.

How can you help voters in a way that others running for this office cannot?

  • First, I don’t have to secure housing in HD 14 because I live in the district. I won’t have to learn how to be a member of the House because I’ve represented this district for two-terms. I’ve produced proven results which have garnered millions of dollars for my district, and jobs. I’ve championed criminal justice reform and sponsored countless appropriations to fund programs that help put people to work and ensure the public’s health and safety.

What would you hope to be remembered for accomplishing after serving in this office?

  • I would hope to be remembered for serving the people with integrity and transparency and knowing in my heart that I’ve done my best. I would hope that the work that I have done will speak for me.

Campaign website: kimberlydanielscampaign.com

Campaign’s social media site(s): (None listed)