When does Jacksonville usually get last freeze of year?

Be prepared for a few cold days in March

March can offer freezes through the month and a freeze is possible next Thursday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – The average date for the last freeze in Jacksonville has passed, but don’t pack away the winter coat just yet. March often brings freezes to the area and we could see the next opportunity next Thursday morning -- March 7.

Our area usually has its last freeze of the season around mid-February. 

As spring approaches on March 20, frozen mornings become less common but it can still get very cold through the month. 

A look at past freezes in Jacksonville show many occurred during March, with one as late as the last day in the month.

With The Players Championship changed to mid-March, the tournament risks clashing with cold outbreaks. 

Recently in 2017, back to back freezes starting on the 16th, sending the low to 28°.

The coldest March freeze was 23° in 1980 on the third of the month and the most recent March freeze was 32° in 2018 on the ninth.

It is extremely rare for an April freeze.  Just one occured on April 8th 2007, which was the latest on record for Jacksonville.

Lowest minimum temperatures for the month of March in Jacksonville. Blue lines represent range between 1st through 3rd record daily lows.

Below illustrates when the last freeze of the season typically occurs, based on 1988-2018 NOAA NOWData averages. 


Average last freeze

Latest last freeze


Feb. 15

April 8, 2007

Jacksonville Beach

Jan 23

March 14, 1993


Feb. 13

March 5, 2007


March 3

April 17, 2008


Feb. 9

March 15, 2017


Jan. 31

March 24, 2010

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