Slow fireball lights up the sky this morning- did you see it?

Two meteors spotted over Jacksonville on one day

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla – People across the south east from North Carolina to right here in our backyard saw a meteor streak across the sky before sunrise.

This was the second meteor sited. Earlier Thursday morning at 12:04 AM a bright green flash was spotted by 34 people across Northern Florida and parts of southern Alabama and Georgia..

American Meteor Society reports the slow fireball over North and South Carolina from this morning has also been seen over Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia and they recieved over 330 reports so far and videos.

The AMS reveals a trajectory beginning between Columbia, SC and Charlotte NC and ending near Wilmington NC. Most reports are coming from NC and SC but it was also seen from bordering states and as far away as Georgia and Florida.

You can check out all of the reported sightings and photos and videos that were shared with the AMS by clicking here...

With clear skies and near total darkness with an almost new moon provided exceptional views of the night sky.  The correct term for this meteor is a fireball, which is when a meteor is brighter than then planet Venus. 

It is quite rare ro find a fragment of the meteor that survived the passage through the Easrth's atmosphere and hit the ground, but when it does occur, it is called a meteorite.

In 2016, meteorite hunters found meteorites locally in the Osceola National Forest.

In Greenville, SC FOX Carolina News posted video of another fireball Thursday morning passing over city just before sunrise. 



Meteor is expected to pick up a bit during April as the Lyrids become active during the month from the 14th through the 30th, with a pronounced maximum on the 23rd.

Then the eta Aquariids will become active the second half of the month.

Over the last few months spectactular meteors have been entering the atmosphere and vaporizing in a trail of fire in the sky.

The  April 4th sightning was less spectactular compared to the previous brigh fireball meteor seen over Jacksonville by hundreds of people around 11:52 PM ET Saturday March 2019.

Meteor caught on home security camera in Keystone Heights by Kristin Cannon.

Debra who lives in Macclenny said she saw that meteor moving very fast. "It was very bright and big. It was the color blue. It lasted longer than a shooting star. It appeared to be very low and not too high above the treeline when it disappeared. The direction headed was West."

Catherin from Callahan "Thought it was beautiful because I have never seen one with color, they all have been white or yellowish with white tails I happen to be looking out window to the west at just that moment and caught it."

Even the National Weather Service in Tallahassee, saw the meteor flash captured by the new GOES 16 weather satellite that takes hundreds of images each second to map lightning storms.

Scientists say the meteor probably hit between Tallahassee and Gainesville near Perry, Fl based on information from the satellite lightning mapper.









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