Cabinet could OK conserving more than 3,500 acres in Putnam County

Florida Cabinet to consider 3 land deals that could help conserve 8,100 acres


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet next week are scheduled to consider land deals that could help conserve more than 8,100 acres in Walton and Putnam counties.

The three proposed deals, which involve the state purchasing conservation easements, would cost about $7.6 million. Conservation easements restrict future development while often allowing landowners to continue using property for such things as agriculture.

The proposals include two deals in Walton County that are part of a broader conservation effort known as the Seven Runs Creek Final Phase Florida Forever project.

One of the proposals involves paying $2.42 million to Nokuse Education, Inc. for a 2,436-acre conservation easement, according to an agenda for the Sept. 24 Cabinet meeting.

The other Walton proposal involves paying $2.315 million to the Stella Davis 2015 Plantation Trust for a 2,133-acre conservation easement.

The targeted land in Putnam County is part of a broader conservation effort known as the Etoniah/Cross Florida Greenway Florida Forever project. The proposal calls for paying $2.873 million to Wetland Preserve, LLC, for a 3,562-acre easement.