Meteor shower could produce up to 400 meteors per hour on Nov. 21

Here’s when to look up!

Outburst of shooting stars may only last 30 minutes
Outburst of shooting stars may only last 30 minutes

Look up!

An outburst of shooting stars will explode across the sky on Nov. 21.

The Alpha Monocerotids only lasts a half-hour to an hour. An estimated rate of 400 meteors per hour could peak on Thursday night

Meteor showers occur when Earth passes through the debris field left over by an asteroid or comet.

How To See

When: Night of Nov. 21. Peak expected around 11:30 p.m. Be situated by 11 p.m. in case the show begins early.

Where: Look East. Find Orion's Belt. The meteors will look to originate just below and to the left and appear to fall out of the constellation Monoceros.

Length: 15-45 minutes

No binoculars or telescope needed, but give your eyes 15-30 minutes to adjust to the night sky. The further away from lights you are, the better the show will be. The moon should not be much of a factor for viewing.

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