3 ways to protect your lawn from weeds later on

Early Spring lawn treatments

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – News4JAX and Ace Hardware have teamed up this season to bring you Everything 4 Spring, each week we will focus on a different project to make sure your lawn, garden, patio or porch looks perfect when the temperatures warm up enough to enjoy the great outdoors. This week we are focusing on what we should be treating our turf with right now to save us from pulling weeds in the heat later on.

Our lawns are still in the dormant stage right now, but there are three things you can do this time of the year to make sure when it does start growing, you’ll have fewer weeds and more of the lush lawn you love.

Jacob Hagan, Director of Store Operations, of Hagan Ace Hardware explains, if you spend 15 minutes putting down Divergent this weekend, it could save you hours of pulling weeds later on this season. This product isn’t temperature sensitive, so you can put it down this weekend and avoid battling pesky crabgrass and broadleaf weeds later on.

“Another thing you can do this time of the year is apply lime to the yard, a lot of the time you don’t know how much lime, when to do it. So with a digital pH tester or the one with the capsule you can shake it with water and it gives you a readout, this one is automatic just stick it in the ground, push the button and t gives you your pH level. Lime is going to increase your pH and you what you want for St Augustine is 6.8 to 7.2.”

Early Spring lawn products

And lastly, one of the biggest time savers of the season is a three-in-one product like Bio Advance. Once application will prevent weeds, fertilize your lawn, and eliminate insects. But you have to be careful with timing on this one, because you need overnight temperatures to stay above 45° for this triple threat to work its magic on your lawn. We see another cool down at the end of this week into the weekend that would render this product ineffective. It will most likely be another 2-3 weeks before we are in the clear to use this product.

“The good thing about the BIO Advance is that it is everything in one bag, we always want to minimize the work , you could walk across your yard once with insecticide, do it again with fertilizer, and do it one more time with herbicide but this time its all in one with Bio Advance.,” Hagan said.

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