Choosing the right generator for the storm

ACE Hardware has the equipment to keep you going when the powers out

It’s hurricane season and time to get your preparedness supplies and a generator may be on your list. When the power’s out, a generator can allow you to sit back with some of the comforts of normalcy.

Now is a good time to get one before the storm when you can choose among a range of models in stock.

Know that you will not be able to run your whole house off a portable generator, but you will be able to run many appliances based on the amperage output of various generator models sold at ACE Hardware.

First, have an idea of the amount of amps needed for your appliances. Some of the generator choices range from 5500 watts to more than 8000 watts.

Realize most generators will not power your air conditioner. If you want to stay cool, get an extra-large portable emergency generator (10,000+ watts).

Those can run your central air conditioner if sized properly.

The only supplies you need beyond the generator is gas, and power cords to run from the unit to your appliances.

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