How to build your kids’ hurricane preparedness kit

Take that power outage and turn it into a creative opportunity

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Putting together a hurricane preparedness kit for children can be helpful during the long hours waiting out a storm.

Better yet, let the children put together an emergency kit themselves that can cover three days. Games, snacks, toys and books are part of the plan to engage children and reduce stress.

Long hours without power can be a challenging time for children who are used to occupying themselves with digital conveniences such as tablets, smartphones and apps.

Make sure electronic devices have backup battery power supplies incorporated into the preparedness kit.

Pretend indoor camping can be exciting. Let the little ones’ imaginations run wild by setting up stakeless pop-up tents and sleeping bags.

It can also be a good time to discover new hobbies like arts and crafts or home modeling as long as the supplies are packed up and ready.

Whatever the items, be sure to not your children use them often, so that the games and toys will be fresh and capture kids attention for what could be some time until the storm passes.

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