Batteries for your hurricane preparedness kit

How many you should keep on hand

A stockpile of batteries are a must have in your hurricane preparedness kit and ACE Hardware has many types to keep you powered up.

Be sure to purchase enough to keep you powered for an anticipated amount of time.

How long will the batteries last in your flashlight? Estimates are not very precise but AA batteries typically last 2-3 times longer than AAA.

Look for a label on flashlights to get an idea of run-time. A 50 lumens light runs about 20-50 hours compared to a 50-150 lumen light that lasts about 6-12 hours on high.

The batteries that come with your flashlight typically don’t last as long as an Alkaline or NiMH battery.

Rechargeable batteries are not best since power may be out for days after a storm blows through.

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