Preparing your pool for hurricanes

Tips for before and after the storm

Pool owners need to prepare swimming pools in the event a tropical cyclone threatens the area.

There are important considerations before and after the storm to keep your system functioning with minimal problems.

First, clear any furniture and trim large tree limbs that could become flying projectiles including pool or spa covers.

It can be convenient to toss outdoor furniture in the pool for storage but be careful not to scratch the marcite and understand some materials may cause rust spots.

Prevent electrical problems by shutting off the pool motor at the breaker and protecting equipment from rising water with sandbags and waterproof coverings.

Don’t fall into the mistake of draining your pool otherwise hydrostatic pressure may crack and pop the shell out of the ground. Only drain to the top of the skimmer.

Finally, add chlorine and algaecides to prevent algae and bacteria.

Once the storm passes, be sure to remove as much vegetation debris before including the pool filters before powering up the equipment.

Super-chlorinate the pool and circulate continuously until clarity returns.

Clean or backwash filters often, and recharge with new diatomaceous earth. It may take a few days to get the water balanced back to normal.

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