Tips for storing your hurricane supply kit

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Last week with the help of one of our local Ace Hardware Stores we discussed preparing your generator for the offseason. This week we take a look at your Hurricane Supply Kit.

Unlike generators, this will only take a few minutes of your time. The reason is, our hurricane checklist is essential items that can and should be stored together in the event it’s needed. Things like tarps, bungee cords, tape, flashlights and commercially canned fuel, when stored properly can easily be ready for next year.

Location, location, location. If you are storing your supply kit in an outbuilding or shed, try to keep it 6 inches off the ground and in a dry area. For the best shelf life, it’s best to store items in a location with controlled humidity and temperature. Those plastic containers that slip under your bed are great for the less bulky items and they do not take up closet space.

When it comes to fuel, if you went to your corner gas station and pumped it into a plastic or metal gas container, you can increase the shelf life with a fuel stabilizer. It is better practice, however, to use pumped fuel within 6 months.

Batteries can be stored as well, but the charge does decrease with time. Do not leave batteries in flashlights or weather radios. The holidays are around the corner so put them in spooky Halloween displays, camping flashlights or toys and games.

Water and nutrition. Check the expiration dates of any food, canned or dried. Discard what is questionable and keep the rest. We’ll have our typical chilly days as we slip into winter and you’ll have something to warm you up.

Make note of the items you removed or discarded and next year with the help of your local Ace Hardware stores we’ll help you resupply your kit.

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