Mild & cloudy night, one more warm day before weekend rain

Jacksonville’s weather forecast gets back to seasonal on Monday

Mild and cloudy evening
Mild and cloudy evening

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We were warm today, hitting the low 80s in most cases with breezy southerly winds and building clouds. Tonight will be very slow to cool down, meandering down into the mid 60s overnight.

Saturday will be cloudy, warm, and breezy. Temperatures will top out in the upper 70s with winds out of the south between 10-15 mph. Rain chances build in our northwestern counties (Lake City to Waycross) during the day, but the rain doesn’t make it through most of our area until after we are sleeping Saturday night. The bulk of the rain will push through our are between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. early Sunday morning.

Sunday starts out cloudy and damp, but the skis clear out around lunch time and it will be sunny, breezy, and cooler for the afternoon. Afternoon temperatures should be around 70°. Winds will be out of the west between 10-15 mph.

Monday starts off in the chilly low 40s and only warms into the cool low 60s under mostly sunny skies.

Tuesday and Wednesday will also be cooler and sunny, starting out around 40° and warming into the mid 60s.

Warm start to the weekend, cool start to the week