Now’s the time to prepare your lawn & garden for spring

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Here’s a thought to keep you warm among the images of New England snow and our local freeze watches and warnings: in about six weeks we will be springing forward as our lawns and gardens green and bloom.

Our growth season begins roughly in March as soil temperatures warm. Preparing your plants and lawn now will not only help the curb appeal but will also help the fight against pests and disease. Space these steps out as weather allows over the next few weeks.

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Here’s what you can do:

Remove thatch. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and debris that weaves between the grass and the soil, creating a breeding ground for bugs, mold and fungus. While the grass is dormant, a rake can help remove some of the thatch.

Another option to consider is aeration or core cultivation. This can help remove thatch while allowing water and nutrients to reach root level.

These first steps can help cultivate and maintain a healthy soil environment for rapid trimming decomposition. That in turn is free nutrients for a healthy lawn.

What about fertilizing? Hold off for a couple more weeks. Putting nutrients on the ground now will be a waste of money as most of it will wash away without feeding the roots.

Between cold snaps and showers or between beers and sun breaks, small steps now will bring big results this spring.

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