Best part of cold fronts in February? They push through quickly

Monday evening turned gray and damp

Wake-Up Tuesday Forecast

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Cold fronts come in different varieties and Monday evening’s cold front allowed for us to see afternoon highs to near reach 80°. Yep, cold fronts are preceded by warm/warmer temperatures, they are always followed by colder temperatures. When the actual cold front came through, different than most cold fronts that have a band of storms or rains with gusty winds, this latest one whimpered through Jacksonville, leaving us with slow build up of clouds and showers. Later in the evening, it was followed by drizzle and chillier temperatures. Best part? All of these elements will be swept out to sea, replaced by drier air, sunnier conditions.

Although the adage is... “In Like A Lion, Out Like a Lamb”, this is a reference to how March weather plays out. Our February was never more true, as Jacksonville started off the month with 2 freezes and an inch of rain with storms. The last 5 days will be some of the finest all winter.

For more on March weather adages there are more here in the Farmer’s Almanac.

Tuesday through Friday will be one of the nicest stretches of weather we have seen all winter long, each morning starting out in the 40s and slowly moderating chill that will lead to afternoon highs back into the 80s by this weekend.

7-Day Forecast

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