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Safe Place Selfie Day, snap a photo and send it into SnapJAX

Join The Weather Authority on Wednesday, April 7 for Safe Place Selfie Day

Safe Place Selfie Day, snap a photo and send it into SnapJAX
Safe Place Selfie Day, snap a photo and send it into SnapJAX

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Every year those in the weather community including The Weather Authority here at News4Jax take the necessary steps to make sure the community is prepared for any weather disaster that comes their way.

Wednesday, April 7, is a fun way to find and learn some information about your “safe place” when difference forms of severe weather threats arise.

Once you find your “safe place” we want you to share it with us on SnapJAX! You can also post it on social media with the hashtag #Snapjax #News4Jax and #SafePlaceSelfie. Your photo may even show up during our weathercast that day!

Now you may be wondering... what threats do we have here in Florida and Georgia? And where is our safe place?

We get everything from tornadoes, lightning, and even high rip currents (yes, that’s a risk!).

Tornado Safe Place:

Your “safe place” during a tornado warning will be the most interior room of you home, with no windows, on the lowest floor. At an office it could be in a bathroom or under your desk, don’t forget to cover your head!

Lightning Safe Place:

Your “safe lace” during an electric lightning storm would be indoors or inside a hard topped closed vehicle.

High Rip Current Safe Place:

Your “safe place” when there’s a high rip current risk is either out of the water or swimming by a lifeguard. Always pay attention the the flags on the beach as well.

Once you find your “safe place” snap a photo of it and send in into SnapJAX on our website or by downloading the Weather Authority App, clicking on the pins tab, then uploading your photo!

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