The Gaughan Gauge is about to drop from a “10” to a “5”

Weather patterns are shifting quickly

Tremendous Thursday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Enjoy the next few days as conditions will be awesome.

Thursday and Friday will both start off with milder sunrise temperatures, no more 40s. Even inland areas will start off both mornings in the 50s. With generally super sunny skies, afternoon temperatures will warm into the 80s both days. The exception will be right at the beach, and I mean right at the beach. Here, afternoon highs will be in the 70s as onshore southeasterly winds will push cooler temperatures.

Meanwhile, rounds of severe storms will continue to pound States west of Jacksonville.

At first, these rounds of storms will fade well before reaching Jacksonville, but then they will focus on Central and North Florida. This will take place late Saturday into Sunday.

Saturday will be the best day of this upcoming weekend. Skies will become cloudier and there will be a few showers, mainly in Georgia. Highs will be in the 80s.

Sunday’s forecast is not set in stone, but recent trends are for significant (more than an inch) of rains/storms.

If you have any outdoor plans for Sunday, spread the word that our weather could be a rather “ugh”.

Super heavy rains likely just west of Jacksonville.
Big changes heading into the weekend forecast

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