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Tuesday: Umbrella afternoon

Sunrise will be Tuesday bright spot

Another umbrella afternoon

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In the wake of all of the recent tropical activity, from Fred, Grace and Henri a trail of deep tropical moisture extends over south Georgia and North Florida. This has been responsible for our back to back scattered severe storms on Sunday and Monday afternoons. This moisture will be on the wane Wednesday as our wind pattern shifts to an onshore (easterly) wind pattern on Wednesday.

But, that is on Wednesday.

Today, we are again dealing with the deep tropical moisture and that means keep your umbrella nearby. Best chances of afternoon and evening storms will be just after 2 p.m. and these will drift in from the north (from Georgia into Florida). They will be rather slow movers, so some will storms will produce very heavy rainfall amounts. Afternoon highs will be around 90° with little sea breeze for area beaches. Feel-like highs will be between 100-105°, maxing out just before the thunderstorms begin to develop.

Winds shift around on Wednesday and this will dry us out for just one day.

Partly cloudy, very warm and still very humid on Wednesday. Easterly winds will allow for a few inland thundershowers to form, but mainly along and west of US301. Winds will reach up to 15 mph and this will keep afternoon highs around 90, despite tropical blues skies. Again, not a dry day, just fewer thundershowers.

Easterly tropical wave rolls into Jacksonville on Thursday and Friday.

These can be very wet and are not the classic “Dog Days of August” afternoon and evening storms. Instead, with coastal water temperatures in the mid 80s the tropical moisture moving in we can see downpours at anytime. That means the morning bus stop could be wet and the afternoon bus stop could also see heavy downpours. In between, we could see deep tropical blue skies (and beautiful tropical clouds). Highs will only be in the 80s.

Rainfall will be scattered, off and on, but potentially very heavy with a few backyards seeing more than 2″ between the two afternoons.

Weekend outlook?

Tropical wave moves inland and this will allow for a drier (not dry) pattern with only scattered afternoon thundershowers and highs in the 80s.

Not too bad for late August.

Umbrella days will be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

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Our chief meteorologist lives and breathes the weather on the First Coast.