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One-day slightly drier followed by a tropical wave

Tropical wave is heading towards Florida will bring possible heavy coastal rains, gusty winds, some surf

Drier Wednesday (just not dry)
Drier Wednesday (just not dry)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will see a pattern shift as a tropical wave rolls across the area Thursday and Friday.

The impact will be for drier, but not dry conditions for Jacksonville on Wednesday and then ANYTIME rains returning on Thursday and Friday. These will also produce some isolated flooding as some of the rains will be heavy.

What will be missing?

The lightning, these will be tropical rains (downpours) and will impact coastal areas in the morning Thursday and Friday and then swing inland during the afternoon, where thunder will roll with them.

Evening temperatures will remain in the 70s and then see daytime highs only in the 80s the next few afternoons.

Weekend Outlook: Drier, but not dry, sunnier and warmer as highs reach towards 90°.

Never a dry day, Wednesday will be a "drier" day

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