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Tropical wave will bring more anytime (day or night) downpours

Weekend will see drier conditions

More morning showers
More morning showers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tropical waves are notoriously challenging when it comes to their impact and timing. These waves of energy travel with the Trade winds, moving westward, they sometimes get in position with the rest of the atmosphere and spin-up into tropical depressions, storms and hurricanes.

The one impacting us now through early Saturday did not “phase-up” with the atmosphere and as such will not develop into a tropical depression, instead it will be bringing us gusty winds, some bigger surf (including a greater rip current risk) and scattered anytime (day or night) coastal downpours. Often times, especially in September, they are sneaky as they don’t produce much lightning (thunder), so unlike summer-time storms, you don’t hear them coming. The downpours just start.

Expect these sneaky rain showers through Saturday morning.

Best chances appear to be Friday morning and Saturday morning. In between, there could still be a few downpours but they should be scattered.

Afternoon highs through the weekend, still steamy, near 90°, feel-like temperatures maxing out around 100°. Sunrise starting temperatures around 75º. East and Southeast winds may increase up to 15-20 mph along area beaches later Thursday into Friday. This will build up our surf into the 3-4′ range, with a few sets even higher. Rip current risk will be elevated through Saturday at area beaches.

Ida, as a major hurricane, will quickly move into Louisiana late Sunday.

Sunday-Monday the "drier" days
Tropical showers through Sunday AM

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