Cloudy skies will slowly clear, then a chilly start to the weekend

Sunny, cooler Saturday


Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies with a slim chance of showers. Clearing skies with cooler temperatures tonight and this weekend.

Today: Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy with a slim chance of light showers. Afternoon highs in the 60s to low 70s inland. Wind NW 5 - 10 mph. Clearing and cooler tonight.

Saturday: Sunny and cooler with temperatures below our seasonal averages. Wake up temperatures near freezing for portions of southeast Georgia, low 30s inland, upper 30s to 40s along the Golden Isles, 30s to 40s for northeast Florida. Afternoon highs in the low 60s under sunny skies. Clear and chilly overnight.

Looking ahead: Cooler air comes in with another front Sunday and Monday followed by a slow warming trend.

12pm 64

3pm 68

5pm 65

8pm 54

10pm 50

11pm 49

Sunrise: 7:02 am

Sunset: 5:26 pm

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