2021 hurricane season: Ida

Most wouldn't think so, yet you should read the details and remember it wasn't all about Louisiana.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Ida roared onto the Louisiana coast exactly 16 years, to the day, Aug. 29, that Katrina struck. Ida was the second most destructive (all-time) hurricane to strike Louisiana, behind Katrina. Ida’s landfall winds were 150 mph, tying it for the most intense hurricane to hit Louisiana. Landfall was at Port Fourchon and devastated the town of Grand Isle.

More than a million were without power across Louisiana. Even a month after the storm, there were more than a hundred thousand without power. Damage in the State of Louisiana much less than Katrina still estimated at more than $40 billion in losses.

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Later, as a much weaker storm, Ida lashed out with extreme rainfall rates over the major northeastern United States cities, especially from Philadelphia to New York City. There, 53 people died just from the extreme flooding. Another $18 billion in losses, which made Ida the fourth, all-time, for losses along the east coast of the United States.

Ida roared onto the Louisiana coast exactly 16 years, to the day, Aug. 29, that Katrina struck.

Notable impacts:

  • Port Fourchon (Grand Isle), Louisiana, had sustained winds of 148 mph and gusts to 172 mph.
  • Grand Isle (worst hit) 100% of the homes had severe flooding/destroyed.
  • Run from the water, hide from the wind. More people died from flash flooding in the northeast United States (56 vs. 38) than from Ida landfall over Louisiana.
  • Numerous reports of CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning mostly from generators.
  • Ida was the third major hurricane to strike Louisiana in just one year and one week.
Still tallying up the damage

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