Temperatures dropping to freezing or sub-freezing levels Tuesday

First freeze of the season: How to prepare your home

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Some would say we’ve been lucky to make it this far into winter without any freezing nights. That is about to change.

Thanks to our weekend cold front, temperatures will continue to drop as we head into early Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning lows will drop near or at freezing (32°) for those along the I-95 corridor, below freezing (28­°-30°) for those inland and west of I-95. The only locations that should stay above freezing by a degree or two will be the beaches. Those along the coast will likely see temperatures 34°-40°.

A Freeze Warning has been issued for those west of I-95 and a Frost Advisory has been issued through Tuesday morning.

Tuesday Morning Forecast Lows (WJXT)

So how do we prepare for these temperatures?

First off you’ll want to remember the 5 Ps.

  1. Pipes: Anytime temperatures drop below freezing you’ll want to set one faucet in your home to a slow drip. It’s best for that faucet to be the one farthest away from where the water enters your home.
  2. Pets: If it’s too cold for us it’s too cold for them! Bring in your furry friends and keep them warm. If they can’t come inside, make sure they have enough shelter to keep them warm and that they can get to unfrozen water.
  3. Plants: Cover up any sensitive plants with a sheet or tarp and make sure it’s tied down to trap in the heat.
  4. People: Check on friends and family, especially the elderly to make sure they are prepared and can stay warm.
  5. Practice fire safety: Remember the 3 feet rule! If you must use a space heater make sure the heater is at least 3 feet away from anything flammable. Do not leave a heater unattended. Check and make sure smoke alarms are working.
Some would say we’ve been lucky to make it this far into winter without any freezing nights. That is about to change.

The next big question is how many nights this week will we see freezing conditions?

Heading into Wednesday morning those inland counties, to the west of I-95, will likely see freezing conditions again.

It’s also important to note that the Climate Prediction Center has the majority of the Southeast trending below average through the end of the month so it’s likely we’ll see a few more freezing nights.

8-14 Day Temperatures Outlook (NOAA)