American Red Cross offers advice on hurricane supplies

Hurricane season is here, and It's time to dust off your emergency kit. If you don't have one, the Red Cross has tips on how to build one.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Family is top priority when preparing for hurricane season.

Thoughts like, “Do I have enough food, water and other supplies?” will race through your head, especially if this is your first hurricane season.

Christian Smith from the American Red Cross in Northeast Florida says it’s important to start now and buy food items you know you’ll use.

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“If you don’t like Spam today, you probably won’t like Spam during a disaster,” Smith said. “So, it’s really thinking about what you and your family will eat.”

When it comes to hydration, you’ll want at least one gallon of water per person per day. And water will be used for more than just drinking.

“We recommend that you fill up things like your bathtub, your sinks so that you can flush toilets and make sure that you can keep your area clean,” Smith said.

Another tip: If you’re on a tight budget, keep an eye out for those 2-for-1 specials to help gather supplies.

A few necessary items would be first aid kits, activities for children that are not electronic, papers along with food and water for pets and important documents, like insurance papers.

“Where you live and who you are, these are all very important documents that you need to have printed out with you because even though you may have them on an app on your phone, your phone may die. So a paper copy is always best,” Smith said.

Also - don’t overpack.

“You want to take just those to keep you and your family comfortable,” Smith said.

Another fun way to involve your children when preparing for a storm would be the Pillowcase Project. Take a pillowcase and have them fill it with important items and things they need. It’s a fun and effective way to help them understand.