Nor’easter & Nicole bring near-record flooding, does a seiche hit downtown tonight?

Actually, it was the nor’easter that brought much of the flooding.

3rd Highest ever at Mayport.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The one-two punch of our nor’easter followed by Hurricane Nicole brought near-record flooding from the downtown areas of the St. Johns River east to the Coastal Beaches.

The next big question is, will the downtown (San Marco and Riverside) see a seiche flood later this evening?

Seiche flooding is when winds shift water from one side of a lake or bay and pile it onto the other side. We saw this with Irma and Dora. The highest flooding took place on the next high tide after the rains had ended and the winds had shifted to come in from the south.

At this time, southerly winds appear to be somewhat less than post-Irma, so we are only looking at a modestly higher high tide from the downtown to the Buchman Bridge this evening.

But these are rare events and hard to forecast.

Downtown high tides are at:

Thursday 11:16 A.M. and 11:31 P.M.

These are the times when San Marco and Riverside areas may flood but at levels less than Irma.

3rd Highest ever at Mayport.
Just 8" lower than Irma.
Top 7, now top 6, flooding event.