Kiki with Katie: The Weather Made Me Do It!

Katie Garner's dog, Kevin (Katie Garner)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Happy Wednesday!

Oh my gosh, the weather outside today is W-E-T! It’s also humid, so cue the extra hairspray, amirite?!

Because it’s so wet and gross- my dawg Kevin, and his cousins Violet and Noodle went to Daycare at Luba’s in Riverside! Kevin got groomed over the weekend, and I can’t have him messing up that beautiful fur coat!

All of this mess is being caused by a Low Pressure System in the Gulf, and as it moves through- it will drop showers over us through Friday morning. Today is the heaviest day of rain, so you better believe I’ll be grabbing my raincoat, and signing Kevin up for day 2 of daycare! Winds will be gusting too, and so my goal is to watch every episode of Real Housewives I can cram in until this system moves out.

Kevin is SO EXCITED to be able to go play inside somewhere, because much like me, he’s got an abundant amount of energy!

What are you all doing to stay dry in the rain? How are you spending your time in our lovely City? Tips? Tricks? Put your suggestions in the comments. I’ll take them all!

Katie Garner's dog, Kevin (Katie Garner)