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You may either call the WCWJ switchboard at 904-399-4000, mail the station, or submit an email to one of the addresses below. Due to the volume of email we receive, we are not able to personally reply to every comment.


management@yourjax.com programming@yourjax.com

The station's mailing address is:

WCWJ-Channel 17 4 Broadcast Place Jacksonville, FL 32207

For broadcast signal and closed captioning concerns:

James Lowery, chief engineer P: 904-399-4000 F: 904-393-9861

For programming and community concerns:

David Hall, local program and production manager - WCWJ P: 904-399-4000 F: 904-393-9861

For CW17Jax Social Media

Marvin Thompson, Creative Services Producer P : 904-346-4633