Are we heading for a fall drought?

Significantly less September rainfall than normal in NE Florida, SE Georgia

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We saw less rainfall than normal across our area for the month of September, and we are headed towards what is typically a drier time of year for us. If the drier than normal conditions persist we could be facing a drought and an enhanced wildfire danger in the spring.

For Jacksonville, we typically see 2.30 inches of rain. So far we have only gotten 1.44" of rain, meaning we are .86" of rain behind average. 

Arlington has fared a tad better this month, Craig Airfield is only .51" below normal, the monthly total so far is 1.56". 

Gainesville has fared the worst this month, they have only seen .93" of rain so far, and they are 3.37" below normal rainfall for this time. Plus, of the .93" they have seen, close to one-third of it fell in one day, which mean absorption rates were not 100%. 

Alma, Georgia is 1.04" below normal, and they have only seen a mere .06" of rain this month. 

St Simons Island, Georgia is the closest to normal, they have seen 1.86" of rain in September and that is only .14" below average. 

Enhanced fire danger

The Florida Forest Service is urging Floridians to exercise caution as record high temperatures and dry conditions are expected to continue throughout the state, elevating the fire danger level.