Inheritance letter scam


If you receive a letter saying you're eligible for a huge inheritance, read it carefully.
Kim Gordon, a U.S. postal inspector, explained why.

"They had a deceased relative who left millions of dollars in a bank vault in Spain, and that they needed to send processing fees in order to get this money."

Between $1,300 and $1,500 to claim what the letter says is the "abandoned sum of money." Some victims sent that money and realized the hard way that they had been scammed.

"When they checked with other relatives and they no one has heard of them," Gordon said."

They checked with their attorney and they were told that the scam is all over the Internet."

In fact, federal officials say hundreds have fallen victim to the phony inheritance scheme.

"Something like that would be extremely rare if you get a letter like that you are probably the victim of a slick con artist," Gordon said.

Gordon added, "Legitimate law firms who have been appointed to distribute actual funds such as this would never ask for fees and would never contact you with a simple letter asking for fees."

Postal inspectors also recommend immediately contacting local police, so they can track if there are other victims in the area.