Patient wants Jacksonville plastic surgeons' licenses revoked


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – On Dr. Clayman's Plastic Surgery Center and Miracle Spa's website, Dr. Loren Clayman and Dr. Mark Clayman tout their Ivy League undergraduate careers at Harvard and Tufts universities, respectively, among many other accolades.

What you won’t find on the website is one of the dozens of complaints from former patients who say the father-son duo botched their surgeries.

“To this day I automatically get judged by my looks because all they see is the size I did not want,” said former patient Angie Malovini. 

Malovini has filed a lawsuit against the surgery center and the company that sold the implants, Allergan Sales.

The Terrell Hogan law firm is representing Malovini. Previously, the firm represented 275 other women who had claims against the plastic surgeons. Those previous claims were resolved amicably, the attorneys said.

“We’d like folks to know that it needs to stop. We made complaints on behalf of clients, and so far nothing has been done, but we're hopeful," said attorney Christopher Shakib.

Seven years ago, Malovini got a breast augmentation after the birth of her two boys.

“I didn’t go there to look like a bathing suit model; I went there just to fix from having two children,” said Malovini.

Malovini said she found the surgeon in a magazine ad. She said during the consultation she told the doctor she wanted a breast lift and a full C cup size. 

Malovini said she awakened from surgery with double Ds. Weighing less than 100 pounds, Molvani said she never wanted something that big, but size was not the only concern. 

“I have one bigger than the other one. I have one that dropped more than the other one," she said.

Malovini got a warranty for the saline implants and was able to have a second operation that she was told would fix the problem. 

Malovini said the problem was not fixed, and the second time, Malovini did not buy a warranty from the company that sold the implant, Allergan Sales, which meant a third surgery would not be financially covered. 

Malovini said there were multiple complications from the surgery, including regaining consciousness during surgery from lack of anesthesia.

The doctors are both board certified and are legally allowed to operate. 

News4JAX has requested comment from the doctors' attorney, Richard Ramsey, with the Jacksonville-based law firm Wicker, Smith, O'Hara, McCoy and Ford. A response was not immediately received Tuesday.

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