New way scammers are skimming at gas pumps

Drivers beware: Scammers have a new way of skimming your information

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Another reason to be vigilant at the pumps before you fill-up. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is warning drivers of new skimmers in which scammers don't even need to leave their car to get your information. 

Commissioner Nikki Fried describes it as a Bluetooth-equipped skimmer.

The technology allows scammers to sit nearby and collect your credit card information without ever having to return to the pump. There have already been cases of this scam happening in Florida. 

Fried says these are the three ways to protect your information

  • Look closely for tampering at gas pumps and don't use the pump if you sense there has been tampering. Then, report it.
  •  As opposed to debit cards, use credit cards, which typically have fraud protections attached to them. Make sure to check your statements and sign up for fraud alerts.
  • Use gas pumps close to the gas station, which are more visible.

These same tips can be used when taking money out of an ATM.

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