Duval County school leaders discuss struggling schools

State grades 20 of Jacksonville's traditional public schools D, F in 2017-18


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – At the Duval County School Board's first meeting since the state's 2018 school grades were released last month, plans were presented on how to improve grades at schools that decreased or stayed the same last year.

It was also Dr. Diana Greene's first official meeting since becoming Duval County's new superintendent.

After failing to achieve a grade of C or better last year, Lake Forest Elementary and Northwestern Middle Schools were turned over to an outside management company on July 2.

The district also plans to focus on the 18 schools that received a grade of D and two traditional schools given  F grades last year. 

The board said their support plan for those schools includes:

  • Restructure turnaround support 
  • Increase access to print in grades K-2
  • Specific progression and support plan 
  • Revise progress monitoring based on data analysis

This past school year, 55 percent of Duval County’s public schools increased a grade, 27 percent decreased and 11 percent stayed the same.

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Duval is among five of Florida’s top seven largest school districts that earned a B overall. Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties each increased to A grades for 2017-18.

This past school year Duval increased its number of points in the grading system from 604 to 667, up 6 percent and leaving it only 10 points away from an A.

While Duval County ranks sixth in the percentage of A, B and C schools, tied with Hillsborough, it showed the largest growth in the percent of A, B and C schools (23 percent) from 2014-15 to 2016-17.