Brantley County schools to reopen Thursday after roads flood

4 school districts closed Monday, 3 Tuesday after heavy rainfall

Photo by Joe Meadows, director of transportation of the Ware County School District.
Photo by Joe Meadows, director of transportation of the Ware County School District.

WAYCROSS, Ga. – Brantley County schools will reopen Thursday after being closed Monday through Wednesday due to the number of closed and impassable dirt roads that resulted from Sunday and Monday's heavy rain.

The district said that after careful consideration and collaboration with the road department, school officials have determined that buses can safely reach 96 percent of students in Brantley County.

"If your student lives on a closed or impassable road, his/her attendance will not be negatively impacted if he/she brings in a note signed by a guardian upon return to school," Brantley County posted on Facebook. "Furthermore, those students will be given extra time to make up missed work.” 

Ware County reopened its schools Wednesday, even though 20 roads in the county remained impassable due to flooding.

Ware County schools posted on Facebook that school buses will not be able to travel on roads left impassable by recent heavy rainfall, so students who live along any of those roads will not be counted absent Wednesday or Thursday if a parent or guardian provides a note upon the student's return to class.

Impassable Ware County roads as of Thursday:

South Clough Bay Road
Fred Voight Road
Carey James Road
Kite Road
New Jersey Avenue
12 Mile Post Road
Woodrow Cox Road

Lottie Tatum Road
Pine Island Trail
Gibbs Street
Osburn Lane
Hinson Road
Braganza Road

Strickland Road
Virginia Avenue
Pennsylvania Avenue
Old Shop Road
Musket Trail
Elmer Thrift Road
O.E. McDonald Road
Buck Corbitt Road

Paschall Road
Pete Road
Lloyd Strickland Road
Lewis Davis Road
Brad Road
Ed Tatum Road
Griffin Road
Old Bay Road
Lakeview Road

Ware County schools said the road department will work diligently to bring the roads back to a condition that will allow safe passage, and it hopes to return to a completely normal schedule on Friday.

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Ware and Brantley, as well as Charlton and Pierce counties, closed schools Monday due to the heavy rain -- up to 12 inches at one reporting station in South Georgia.

Charlton reopened Tuesday and teachers in all counties were expected to report to work that day.

No Florida school districts closed during the heavy weather at the beginning of the week, but Columbia County reported buses were running 30 minutes to an hour behind schedule on Monday morning. If a bus couldn't make it down your road, or if a child missed school due to the weather, the absence will be excused, according to a post on the Tiger Town Columbia High School Facebook page.

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