Some students still waiting for report cards, while others getting new ones

St. Johns County School District: State test scores released later than normal

Even though the school year wrapped up in late May, St. Johns County middle and high school students likely won't receive their report cards until sometime this week.

Duval and Clay counties also expect adjusted report cards to be released this week.

A St. Johns County School District spokesperson said some reports cards have yet to be sent out because of a delay in the release of state standardized test scores for the 2018-19 school year.

St. Johns County elementary students have received their report cards because state test results don’t affect their grades. But secondary students are still waiting, which is frustrating for some parents.  

“School has been out nearly a month and we still don’t have grades,” said Denver Cook, a St. Johns County parent of two.

According to the St. Johns County School District, the delay in the reports cards being sent out is because the state Department of Education released Florida Standardized Assessments, or FSA, and end-of-course (EOC) exams scores Friday, which was at least a week later than normal. 

Cook said most of his frustration is with the state. 

“Most of our courses and curriculum are driven on testing, and the state isn’t getting the testing in a timely manner returned,” Cook said. “So are we even on the right path at this point? That’s kind of my broader concern.”

Though some parents might be frustrated by the delay, the St. Johns County School District spokesperson said emails were sent and phone calls were made before the school year ended to notify parents about the delay.

Under state law, EOC scores must count for 30%, or nearly one-third, of a student's overall grades, therefore the school district said it’s unable to produce final report cards until all information is available. 

The delayed release by the state could be because the state held exams this year in May instead of March or April like in previous years. News4Jax contacted the state Department of Education, but had not heard back as of Tuesday afternoon.

In neighboring Clay County, report cards for almost all classes were posted online for families June 12. A spokesperson for the Clay County School District said now that state scores are available, secondary schools will repost report cards soon to show overall final grades.

In Duval County, an initial round of report cards was released and updated versions will be re-released with adjusted grades based on the state scores.

St. Johns County is expecting its report cards to be released this week, and Duval and Clay counties expect their adjusted report cards to be released this week, as well. 

In April, News4Jax reported that St. Johns County's district final exams were canceled because of technical error. Each student was given the highest grade possible, which is 100%, on any final exam of theirs that was canceled. The school district said that did not have anything to do with the delay in report cards, as they were district exams, not state exams.

As for other school districts in Northeast Florida, News4Jax did not immediately hear back from Nassau and Baker counties.