Hurricane fish sex under rough seas

Hurricane Harvey didn't stop the spawning act

Even during Hurricane Harvey's 8-10' storm surge, spotted sea trout found time to spawn. (The University of Texas at Austin)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Hurricanes destroy cities but fish still find time for love under the chaos of an angry sea.

A new study shows hurricanes may not have much effect on spotted sea trout’s sex drive.

Scientists at the University of Texas and UF discovered some important fish species continued to spawn when the eye of Hurricane Harvey passed overhead with winds surpassing 130 mph.

Researchers deployed underwater microphones to listen for the distinctive pulsing noise sea trout make while releasing sperm and eggs and were surprised to discover spawning continued through the storm.

The only difference was immediately after the hurricane the fish started the process 2.5 hours earlier. 

Hurricanes are becoming stronger with climate change and this data will prove useful in gauging how valuable fisheries may be able to cope with future unsettled weather.

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