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Movie theater offers double beds instead of traditional seats

Want to watch a movie in bed? Now you can at this theater in Switzerland

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Pexels photo

Last week, news broke about a movie theater that lets you bring your dog. Now, we’re here to tell you about a theater that offers double beds instead of traditional seats.

Cinema Pathé, a theater chain in Switzerland, recently opened a new location in Spreitenbach, Aargau, in which the company is rolling out a VIP Bedroom setup, featuring 11 double beds.

Cinema Pathé shared the news earlier this month.

“VIP ticket holders will be given food and drinks without having to line up, and are handed warm slippers for their time there, all for the price of £37 (US$36.65),” Insider reports.

It looks like prices can vary a bit, depending on what kind of extras guests would like with their tickets. Moviegoers can even arrive a little early to unwind, settle in with their snacks and get ready for the show.

The bed comes with sheets and two pillows, which makes sense if the theater is truly taking comfort into consideration. You can’t sit on a blanketless bed, can you? We think not.

So, how clean is this experience?

The company’s CEO told a news website called 20 Minuten, "The hygiene aspect is very important," adding that employees will change the sheets after every screening.

It's worth noting that a lounge option with couches instead of beds is also available, for guests who think it would be too weird to watch a movie in a bedroom setting amongst strangers.

And there’s something for the kids, as well. A children’s version of this concept features bean bag chairs instead of beds, along with a ball pit and a slide, Insider reports.

Can the adults get this option, please?

It doesn’t appear the United States has any sort of "bed theaters" like this one at the current time, the site Simplemost reports. But there are some other similar options abroad, if you run a quick search.

Either way, nontraditional movie screenings seem to be popping up more and more. Could this be the wave of the future?

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