Cole Pepper is a barbecue snob. Here are 5 of his favorite local spots

Looking for some slow & low in the Jacksonville area? Start here

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s easy to overthink what qualifies as good food, and sometimes when you’re going out for a big meal, you get lost in all the different options when really, you can’t beat a pile of slow cooked, juicy meat that’s falling off the bone.

Of course I’m talking about barbecue, and there’s a plethora of amazing options throughout the Jacksonville area. So, who better to break down the best spots for some slow-n-low than a guy who’s a self-proclaimed “barbecue snob?”

Photo: Laura Evans

We all know Cole Pepper is the man when it comes to sports, especially the Jaguars. But did you know he’s also a connoisseur of slow-cooked meats? Maybe that’s due in part to growing up in Kansas City.

When he was a baby, Cole’s mom even used a spare rib instead of a pacifier. True story. Probably. 

Sorry. Getting sidetracked.

Ribs: G’s Slow Smoked BBQ

Speaking of ribs, Cole recommends you head over to Orange Park and order a rack at G’s Slow TVSmoked BBQ, which specializes in southern-style barbecue.

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