Prop Store’s holds its 7th annual auction virtually

Leading auction house based in the United Kingdom

"Pretty Woman" (1990)
"Pretty Woman" (1990) (Touchstone Pictures)

VIRTUAL AUCTION – If you are a major movie buff and a collector, get your wallets ready! You can claim props from some classic movies like ‘Pretty Woman’, and ‘Top Gun’ starting Dec. 1 - 2, 2020

One of the items is Julia Roberts' iconic black boots from when she played the character of Vivian Ward in ‘Pretty Woman’.

The cost... $5-million. At least that’s what they are expected to go for at the beginning of December. The Props Store annual live auction of movie and TV memorabilia is expecting to bring many highly valuable artifacts.

Some include the crystal ball from ‘Labyrinth’ and the mechanical head from ‘Alien’, and the coveted Obi-Wan Kenobi’s (Ewan McGregor) hero lightsaber from 2005′s “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.” It is estimated to sell between $103,000 to $155,000.

This is the seventh year running. More than 900 items are expected to be in stock. You too could own some of Hollywood’s most coveted items.

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