School choice subject of prime-time documentary

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – School choice is a phrase that carries controversy, confusion and passion. In Florida, school districts administer used to control open enrollment but parents and guardians have the right to enroll their kids in any public school with an opening.

Everywhere we go in life, we are presented with endless choices, from gas stations to banks, to restaurants, to grocery stores. Americans value choices because choices can mean freedom. But how are we doing when it comes to providing great choices for educating our children? The answer to that question is crucial to the future of our city and state.

News4Jax unpacks the perceived opportunities and challenges of this choice because how our young people are educated affects every facet of our community.

We talked with local and national leaders in education for the hour-long documentary:“Igniting the Future, School Choice,” sponsored by the Gary Chartrand Foundation. Click play button above to watch.

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