Army of rubber ducks used in school prank

Flagler College students add rubber ducks to a fake alligator head used to scare away duck trespassers

Students at Flagler College added an army of rubber ducks to the school pool Friday as a prank to the college's efforts to shoo away pesky ducks. (Stephen Cripps)

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – An army of rubber ducks joined a fake gator head in the Flagler College pool Friday after students decided to prank maintenance staff’s silly solution to trespassing mallards.

Last week, Flagler College, a private liberal arts college in St. Augustine, tried to solve its pesky duck problem at the pool by placing a fake gator head in the middle.

The solution was short lived when the waterbirds made friends with the fake gator head just hours after it’s introduction to the water. This after an owl statue failed to make the ducks take flight.

However, the pool contention also fueled comedic relief among students at Flagler College in the form of a prank.

According to a student’s account of the “duck event," students voted in a poll in a private Facebook group on how to make the already humorous situation a little more hilarious.

The student sent News4Jax some of the suggestions which include:

  • A cardboard cut out of Henry Flagler wearing sunglasses and a pool float
  • Putting a party hat on the gator head
  • And adding more real ducks

A pool filled with fake ducks was the ultimate winner.

It remains to be seen whether or not the fake ducks will win out over the real duck invaders.