Flagler College adds ‘gator’ to head off duck problem

Oh snap! Maintenance is going to investi-gator the problem.

Photo sent by Flagler College Maintenance

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Florida problems call for Florida solutions...

Flagler College, a private liberal arts college in St. Augustine, believes it may have a solution to its pesky duck problem around the student pool area: a faux disembodied alligator head.

The college maintenance staff sent an email on Tuesday morning explaining why students may see something eye-catching in the pool area after ducks keep inviting themselves in to take a dip.

The email reads:

“We have two ducks that have found our pool very inviting. Ducks make a mess of the water and pool area so we are testing different methods to make our pool less inviting. We have an owl decoy as a bird of prey sitting on the edge of the pool. The ducks seem to have adopted him so we now have a floating alligator head. Hopefully this will make them nervous and motivate them to find another home. Please keep the alligator head in the pool so we can see if it is effective. Thank you for your cooperation.”

If this works, it may be the most Florida solution to a problem we have ever seen.

They are hoping this will navi-gator the waterbirds in a new direction.

We can assume students will flock to the pool area on Tuesday. Maintenance is asking that students leave the fake alligator head in the pool.

A floating alligator head is spotted in the Flagler College pool.

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