These hilarious tweets about Target are making moms everywhere feel seen

Starbucks, popcorn and mindless wandering are calling our names

Target store. (Alex Wong, 2003 Getty Images)

Are you the type to peruse Target while sipping on a Starbucks coffee? Not necessarily for anything you need, but because Target is pretty much the best store ever?

You could say Target lovers -- this editor included -- might have a slight obsession.

And now that we’re all staying home and avoiding going out due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are taking it hard.

We get that there are much bigger problems in the world, but we couldn’t help but laugh at some of these hilarious posts people are making about how much they’re missing Target. (And yes, we realize most Targets are remaining open for our essential needs. Still -- it’s just not the same).

If you’re a Target lover, we feel confident you will enjoy these posts just as much as we do.

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