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It’s time to plant some herbs and veggies

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Spring officially starts on March 20, but your seeds and plants don’t know that. It’s time to put those plants in nutrient-rich soil and get ready for some fresh herbs and veggies.

What can go in the ground now? Just about everything. Here’s a list to get your garden growing:

Like salads? Leafy plants are ready to grow. From arugula to kale and endive to cabbage, it’s time to get those roots dirty. Add to that Brussels sprouts, all the bitter greens and if you like your veggies sweet, beets can go in the soil too.

Speaking of beets, root vegetables can get in on the action. Carrots, potatoes and onions are ready, too.

Still have room? What about watermelon and cantaloupes? Yep, we’re ready for those as well.

And, of course, my favorite: herbs. They are great in salads if you want a fresh zing and they add flavor to your favorite dishes.  It’s herb time, from leafy green basil to anise. Have a cat?  Plant some catnip for your favorite feline.

If starting from seed, make sure to leave pruning room. Starting from rooted plants, add a little time-release fertilizer near the roots to ensure plenty of vitamins for the duration of growth.

Happy growing and soon, bon appetite!

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