Viral video alert: This news reporter’s live shot on a skateboard is seriously impressive

Victor Williams’ standup for WDIV in Detroit is turning heads

Reporter Victor Williams’ live skateboarding standup goes viral

Victor Williams, a reporter in Detroit, clearly felt pretty secure about his skateboarding skills.

Confident enough to get on a board on live TV and deliver his report -- that’s how confident.

(And he nailed it!) Watch his standup below:

This didn’t come as a huge surprise to his colleagues, who wrote online, “Those of us who know Victor here at WDIV-Local 4 and ClickOnDetroit are well aware of his skateboarding skills. When a story about a new skatepark in Detroit needs coverage, obviously, we’re putting Victor on it.”

Williams has even done this before, but this particular report from just this week is really turning heads. ESPN’s “SportsCenter” and Tony Hawk are among some of the sharers on social media.

Williams was reporting from Detroit’s Chandler Skatepark for an update on the park’s construction progress, and to tell viewers about a man giving free skateboarding lessons.

Williams has now gone viral -- receiving thousands of likes and retweets, along with articles and even some offers for free food at restaurants.

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Here’s more from the news station about Williams’ 15 minutes of fame.

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